Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Ch- ch -ch-check it out!

Here is the hat that I finished a couple of days ago its a really simple stitch and I think pretty effective, inspired by 1970's fair isle yokes x

CO in the round in an even number of stitches enough to fit your head
P1, K4 all the way round
repeat until desired length
*Stay in the P1, K4 pattern count* 10 stitches then Co2  repeat until end
P1,K4 to end
 Repeat from * to * and every other row count one less stitch until you Have about 10 left and then draw all your stitches together
Any clarification just ask I know those instructions are rubbish x

Friday, 25 November 2011


I went to Abakahn a wool and fabric shop in Hanley the other day to get some fleece because it came to my attention that Pipin loves it so I have made her a little bag to play around in. Whilst I was in the shop I noticed that they sell bags of machine thread for £5 so I bought one here's what I got in it. Not bad hey?? Next to it is the fabric that I chose, I went to the market in Hanley first but they only had a red tartan fleece material and I didn't like the look of it tbh.
Here is the finished product I was going to make a tutorial but I didn't measure or make it that neatly and I ended up going to A+E in the middle of making it up because I managed to sewing machine through my finger :/.  
For p

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Painting the sky

So here it is my attempt at expresive painting I have tried to create a painting that expresses my time at university. its suposed to be a sunrise/ sunset like the begginig of a new era and the end of another.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Second ever commission:

I got asked by one of my uni mates to knit her a rose for a cardigan that she has she wanted a brooch so that she could pin it together because it didn't have any buttons here is the finished object:

Here is the back showing how I attached the pin and what pin I used: