Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tutorial Thursday

So I'm going to America in November (shhhh don't tell BCU... yet) and I went to brum to look in paper chase to see what they had to offer and so see how much the magnets that I got from the charity shop cost new (I got them for £1.50 and I guess they were around £4.50) any way I saw that they were selling travel keepers, those things you keep all your receipts and tickets in and it was £5. Now I'm a cheap skate and when it didn't even include a note book I was like nahh I'm gonna make it myself!  

I started with a  HARD BACK book and some paper and a clasp from an old folder of my dads the paper cos £1 for 200 sheets I went for lined.
I removed the book from the spine using a pen knife.
Then I got some fabric from my sisters stash I did have some but couldn't decided what to do until I looked at my fave tumblr and I made a face in felt and faux fur.

I cut it like this so that the folds and such are in the right places.
This is where the folds should go in these places you should cut down the middle folds and have two 'tabs' so that it will bend when you open and close it.

I covered the brown cardboard spine with some white paper so that it didn't look crappy.  
BEFORE I glued the fur to my book I sewed the face on by sewing the whites of the eyes on then the black of the mouth. I glued the black of the eyes and the teeth and tongue then I sewed them on when they were stuck on its just cos that was easier than pining them on such a small area

For the ticket keeper I cut up some envelopes like below I used 3 the whole pack cost me £1.45

You can now put your paper in you may need to cut it to fit a bit.
I secured the ticket keeper with tape about 4 lengths of it.
You are now done over all it cost me £2.45 that's less than half  the one in paper chase. Not that I don't like that store but why buy something that looks home made when you can actually make it home made!