Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day 21- What are the reactions to you knitting in public?

I have a wide variety of responses to me knitting because I am considered to be a young woman and young women in England are perceived to be mostly pregnant criminals, I am neither of these things. Some people give me a confused almost dissaproving look, others come over and ask what I am doing (what project) and some tell me about their own knitting past. I love people to come over and talk to me I don't however like it when people come over and tell me to stop knitting because of my age. I was in a charity shop once and some woman started an argument with me because she wouldn't believe that I could knit and she said that I shouldn't even if I could! To prove I can look at the picture below! Any way here is the scarf that I knitted (the very first thing that I ever knitted) and I didn't like it as a scarf I hadn't fringed it or anything so I sewed it together as a mobius strip and I now use it as a snood x Here is a picture: snood

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