Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 17-least favourite pattern and why?

I did look at this pattern but when just looking at something gives you shivers down your spine you want to run away and hide!

I added some more storage to my room at home (I had originally bought it for uni but then I moved rooms and didn't need it any more). On the top level there is a hello kitty but its mostly for DK yarn then fancy yarn and WIP's below that, other crafts that I do and then on the bottom all the knit notions that I have (lol)

Here is the bottle tops and ring pulls that I have collected to make jewellery with its only taken me a couple of week's but that's because I make sure that I only upcyle (like picking them off the ground, or getting them from friends) rather than buying them.


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  1. Very organised! I've managed to save 3 bottle tops for you!!! Sorry, should drink more!