Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 2- What is your WIP? (work in progeress)

I have a couple of things on at the moment I have a cable jumper being knit with Sirdar Peru.

Here is the link for that:


Then I'm trying to do a cushion cover with can can yarn but I can't seem to understand with how to do Stocking Stitch with the can can, it really doesn't seem to work but here is the link here:


Finally I'm frogging another project that I tried to do with Sirdar YO YO (earlier in the blog) to do something else with it however the yarn really isn't supposed to be frogged to re-knit because of the fact that its a boucle yarn that and I was rubbish at knitting back then. Here is the link to the new project that I am going to do;


Today has been really good I went to school and got on with my day, found out that the teachers really like me and I asked for them to write a short reference. Miss A told me that she is happy to be a referee for me and I'm well happy about that. In my spare month and a half I think that I am going to research setting up a business or working for another. Keeping busy this summer has really helped me I feel finally like I am achieving :)

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