Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 29- Do you have any tips?

Yes I do here is my top 10 just for knitters I will also post a top 10 for designers at some point too;
1.Sign up to Ravelry
2. Start off buying needles from charity shops- or free off the front of magazines
3. Buy cheap acrylic yarn until you know what your doing- it comes in really bright colours too
4. Read as many blogs as possible (including this one of course ;) )
5. You can get thousands of patterns for free!!
6. Patience- Frog it baby!
7. Not every one has to knit socks|!
8. You are only as good as your knitting hero
9.Practice- continue to push your self
10.It can be as small and as big as you want to make it just make sure its going to come out the size you want it to be by doing a tension square especially on big projects like jumpers etc.

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