Sunday, 23 October 2011

Top 10 for knitting designers

Just a few tips for the budding designer out there from the point of view of a knitter;
1. Keep small things to simple stitches- If its hat and below in size I don't want to be doing anything more complicated than k, p, k2tog, p2tog and m1.
2. Knit it up in a nice but neutral colour- like beige, earthy browns and greens, or blue (unless of course the point of it is, that it is a specific colour).
3. Photo any garments on either yourself or someone so people know what its like on people and not on the floor.
4. Provide good photos of any details that appear on the item.
5. Provide a step by step tutorial on your blog or just blog about how you came up with the idea and how you knitted up the item this all helps when people are looking for things to knit.
6. Have a blog/ Ravelry page/ Etsy site- get yourself known !
7. Think about your audience- is a 90 year old going to wear a caplet?
8. How are you going to make your pattern available blog, PDF?
9. Don't start off charging for patterns and give some away for free when you do start charging.
10. Don't just copy experiment x

This is just a compilation of my opinion and nothing else its not a guarantee that if you follow these rules you'll become the next Kaffe Fasset but its just a few things that I have observed from my own buying habits. x

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